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Humanity has arrived at a crossroad. Desperation, violence and poverty have forced the inhabitants of our beautiful planet to start the largest international mass migration in the history of mankind. The 11th hour has arrived and action is required now.

Everyday thousands of refugees are crossing the borders within and into the EU. These refugees, oftentimes teenagers or children, are heavily traumatized. Having been separated from their families either in their war-ridden country, or on the harsh journey to safety, are confronted with a foreign culture, a new language and different climate conditions. One of the most critical needs of these refugees is, to return to stability and a normal routine as fast as possible.

PLeace Awaken GRACE intends to provide shelter in the form of Multi-Gen-Havens in Germany and Austria for these unaccompanied kids, providing them with “adopted” grandparents. In Austria, and especially in Germany, there is a growing problem with old-age poverty, which can also be tackled by giving these people a chance of being integrated with a new home and purpose.

The care and education of the kids, seniors and facilities in general will also provide new jobs for unfortunate individuals who have a difficult time getting back on their feet. The Multi-Gen Havens will also give shelter to abandoned and abused animals, to be trained for assistance, to teach responsibility to the youngsters and to give comfort to the seniors.

Also planned, is to create jobs to take down helpful information in helping to further coordination and development among the refugees, such as name, age, education, learned skills, future dreams, medical conditions, spoken languages and the area they come from, to potentially help locating lost friends and family. This information collected in a central database makes it possible to house and distribute the people accordingly. That way, temporary support systems can be formed easily. The GRACE project will also create new jobs for locals.




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