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„Active Neighbors Giving Effective Living Support”

As the pressures of everyday life get stronger and stronger to protect the individual existence, people are driven further and further into isolation, desolation and loneliness. The ANGELS project is a database that will be based at the PLeace GRACE Multi-Gen-Havens, and installed at community and religious centers, shelters, etc. where people can register to seek help, offer a service, time and so on, that coordinates mutual assistance.

For example, a butcher or restaurant can donate their “leftovers” to animal shelters and cut costs on waste disposal. A fresh out of school masseuse or psychologist can gain experience by treating or counseling people outside a health plan. A refugee, not permitted to work and wanting to contribute some time, can offer companionship and social care. A social welfare recipient can define what he or she really wants to do in life and then donate time, giving that service, making contacts and gaining experience to realize that dream.

The necessity of a such a database run by actual people as opposed to internet platforms and social media is to provide an environment that will protect the safety, security and privacy of the users. Furthermore, the comfort of the personal contact will be more beneficial for both, those who need personal consultation on the matter and those not knowing on how to use a computer or the internet. Winning enough supporters in government services, organizations and community centers, this project can eventually cross borders and oceans.






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