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"Multi-Gen Community Havens"

Across the globe, a substantial amount of children and teenagers are abused, abandoned or by other circumstances separated from their parents. Non the less, the blood-attachment will always remain. At the same time a shocking amount of veterans and seniors seem to be forgotten and deserted. The GRACE Project will provide multi-generation community complexes, the “Multi-Gen Community Havens,” to give children and young adults aged 2 – 21 shelter, education and opportunity. Each of these kids will have a “grand-parent” mentor for mutual support, guidance and comfort.

The facility will be run by accredited teachers, social workers, pedagogues and guidance counselors. Based on century-old education systems, the children will learn in a playful way and the older kids without pressure or stress. With extensive sporting facilities, mini-farm, animal shelter, libraries, workshops and integrated clinic, this system also gives taching and other job opportunities for less fortunate individuals such as teenage mothers, abused women in need of a safe house, young people traumatized by war, people with physical or mental disabilities, etc.

The goal is to create an environment of mutual acceptance, peaceful communication, fun learning and effective healing, to create new opportunities in life. Old established systems will be integrated with new proven findings and understanding. The members of PLeace Awaken are now looking to put this project into action by opening the first nursery schools in different parts of the world. The ultimate goal is to make this program available to anybody; and that at no cost.

Education leads to opportunity. Opportunity leads to choice. Choice leads to abundance and abundance to peace.



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